Premiere + Release: 8th December

[30 mins approx.; Sonar by Day; SonarVillage; Sonar Festival; Time 8pm CEST; Barcelona (CAT/ES)]

A surprise, unannounced, surreal happening performance around Sonar Festival.

In specific, Albert.DATA was wearing a custom-made costume representing the S.F.I.D. Synthetic Identity (by the Catalan designer Denise Graus); wandering among the audience of the festival in an erratic and unpredictable fashion, and triggering random and unpredictable interactions with them.

The goal, on the one hand, was to present a provocative, surreal and memorable scene during Sonar 30th's anniversary. On the other hand, the goal was to complement the Premiere of the S.F.I.D. Arcade Installation - presented by .NewArt { foundation;} by performing a public celebration and an experimental ceremony.

This ritual represented a symbolic end of an era and beginning of a new one. An era that starts a transformative journey about non-human forms, challenges the boundaries and extensions of experience, existence, and identity. An epoch about disembodiment, extended cognition, hybrid beings & synthetic identities.

A period for the disintegration of the self.


Directed & Performed by: Albert.DATA (Albert Barque-Duran)
Co-Produced by: NewArt { foundation;}
Light Technology Partner & Film Co-Producer: Protopixel
Fashion & Costume Designer: Denise Graus
Film Art Direction Manager: Sandra Camacho
Film Technical Manager: Ricard Martinez
Film Camera Operator: Santi Martinez
Film & Performance Faceware Design: Ewa Nowak
Film Production Assistant: Mayeli Varela
Lighting Manager: Kiks Canto
Tour Visual Communication: Victor Ortiz
Academic Partners: La Salle Campus Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull
Collaborator: La Casa de la Luz (Simon)
Acknowledgments: Antonia Folguera; Sonar+D; Institut Ramon Llull