Albert.DATA (Albert Barque-Duran)

Albert.DATA is the new artistic-synthetic identity of Albert Barque-Duran (1989).

Albert is an artist and a researcher coordinating the Graduate Programme in 'Digital Arts & Creative Technologies' at the 'IASlab (Interactive Arts & Science Laboratory)' at 'La Salle Campus Barcelona - Universitat Ramon Llull' (CAT/ES).

Albert earned a PhD and a Postdoc in Cognitive Science from the 'Centre for Mathematical Neuroscience' at City, University of London(UK) and have been a Visiting Postgraduate Researcher at Harvard University (USA) and University of Oxford (UK).

Albert's artistic research focuses on: (1) human-algorithm interactions during artistic and creative processes; (2) perception and aesthetics under synthetic intelligence; and (3) the long-term implications of machine intelligence for the arts, science and philosophy.

They have exhibited and performed at the most significant and international new media art, experimental festivals, contemporary art museums and biennales (Sonar+D, MUTEK, Ars Electronica, Gray Area, V_2, ZKM Karlsruhe, Media Lab, etc). Albert received an award from 'We Are Europe' (Creative Europe Programme of the European Union), which endowed him as one of the most impactful "Culture Activists" in Europe. Recently, has been nominated and short-listed for the 'FUTURES' category of the LUMEN Prize Award, and received the 'Re: Humanism - Romaeuropa Digitalive' Prize. Further, they have been internationally awarded by the 'Art of Neuroscience' award for bridging science and art, and by the Catalan Government with the 'International Award City of Lleida' for the significant cultural impact of their projects.